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In 2012, more than 30,000 African elephants were killed for their tusks and a record number of rhinos, 668, were killed in South Africa alone, which is a 5000% increase in just five years. More than 1,000 wildlife rangers have been killed in the last decade by poachers, and the poaching and illegal trafficking of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products are exacerbating corruption, destabilizing rural communities, and undermining tourism-based economies in several African countries

We must

Push for change

Push governments to protect animal populations by increasing law enforcement, imposing strict deterrents, reducing demand for endangered species products and honoring international commitments made under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Speak up

Speak up on behalf of those on the frontlines being threatened by armed poachers so they are properly equipped, trained and compensated.

Reduce demand

Reduce demand for illegal wildlife parts and products by encouraging others to ask questions and get the facts before buying any wildlife or plant product.